Adjustable Utility Archwires

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Adjustable preformed utility archwires have a convenient 3 mm step-down to fit all situations. Both legs may be adjusted to achieve the desired length. These wires are very popular for use in mixed dentition cases. They are available in three different metals: stainless steel, Nitanium Super Elastic, and Bio-Kinetix Thermal NiTi.

Stainless Steel Utility Archwire

An adjustable preformed utility archwire with a 3 mm step-down to fit all situations. Both legs may be adjusted to desired length. Very popular for use in mixed dentition cases.

Nitanium Adjustable Utility Archwire

Nitanium Adjustable Utility Archwire

The Nitanium anterior segment and stainless steel posterior segments are joined by inconel tubing which allows for precise adjustments in arch length. The 3 mm step-down allows gentle forces to be applied to anterior teeth. The stainless steel posterior provides the heavier forces required to rotate or upright molars, open or close bites and perform other adjustments. Highly recommended for mixed and adult dentition cases.

  • More rapid tooth movement without root resorption
  • Relief from pain in closed-bite T.M.J. cases
  • Frictionless alignment of upper and lower anteriors
  • Reduces chair-and-treatment time
  • Allows for use of auxiliary springs
  • Easy, rapid mid-line corrections
  • Reduces bicuspid extractions

Thermal NiTi Utility Archwire

Bio-Kinetix Thermal NiTi Utility Archwire

The Bio-Kinetix Utility Arch is identical in design and function to our very popular and successful stainless steel and Nitanium Utility arches, but uses an anterior wire that offers lighter continuous Nitanium forces from the same wire diameter. The result is an adjustable utility arch with a .016 wire in the anterior, for proper slot engagement, producing light forces similar to that expected from .014 wire. It employs the elastic and shape memory characteristics found in the Nitanium Utility arch series, and will provide the same predictable results that have come to be expected from our current utility archwires. All of this delivers a gentle, more forgiving movement, enhancing treatment and patient comfort.