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When only the best will do


We offer a complete selection of bands to fulfill your every request. Each band has the option to be ordered as plain or as a pre-welded assembly. For the ultimate in custom fitting, shape, and retention choose from Epic Molar Bands or Tempra Molar Bands. They both offer:

  • A precise occlusal and gingival fit to avoid cement washout
  • Accurate and consistent size graduation for an exact fit
  • Trimmed occlusal and gingival area for minimal interference
  • Thinner straight interproximal for reduced separation
  • An anatomically shape for a secure fit and superior retention
  • Permanent I.D. marks on the mesial side for easy identification
  • Micro-etched interior for maximum retention
  • High quality stainless steel which withstands additional pressure of extraoral and intraoral appliances

Epic Bands

When the right fit is important, do not settle for anything less than the Epic Molar Band. Its superior tooth design adapts easily to the anatomical contour of the tooth. Made of regular tempered material, the Epic Molar Band is extremely malleable allowing it to easily recontour. It is available in whole sizes: 3 through 36.

Tempra Bands

Made of full tempered material, the Tempra Molar Band offers great elasticity and a superior fit. In addition, the band has increased occlusal edge strength which prevents deformation. The Tempra Molar Band is available in half sizes; 291/2 through 44.

Bicuspid Bands

Made of full tempered material, the bicuspid bands are anatomically fit for left or right, and available in whole sizes: 1 through 24 for the maxilla, and 3 through 26 for the mandible.

Primary Molar Bands

The narrow occlusal-gingival height allows the general purpose primary molar band to easily fit primary molars. Molar bands are available in the Starter Kit, pre-welded or plain as an individual band. They are anatomically fit for left or right, and available in half sizes; 25 through 301/2.