NeoLucent Plus Ceramic Bracket System

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The NeoLucent Plus Low-Profile Ceramic Bracket System delivers superb aesthetics by blending with the natural tooth tone for a virtually invisible appearance. With improved performance due to a Crunch Coat Base, more anatomically contoured base radii, and improved materials for a smoother finish and colour consistency, NeoLucent Plus Ceramic Brackets provide the definitive performance you demand. A U.S. manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing world class products and solutions to meet your every orthodontic need. As a full-service partner, we offer the tools to help expand your practice and diversify treatment options. So when your patients desire a cosmetic alternative, we have the right choice for you, and them.

Patient Satisfaction


Invisible Appearance

Crafted to the highest aesthetic standards

  • Translucent, natural appearance from 99.9% pure polycrystalline Alumina
  • Stain resistant throughout treatment

Comfort Designed with your patient’s comfort in mind

  • Low profile
  • Smooth, polished surface
  • Rounded corners

Neo Plus UR1 front angle_Rev_1023

Clinical Performance

  • Accurate placement achieved with an easily removable color-coded ID mark Strong bonding and predictable debonding with
    the Crunch Coat Base Easy ligation with ample tie wing clearance
  • Superior Sliding Mechanics via a precision-cut archwire slot
  • Breakage Resistant
  • Non-allergenic for sensitive patients as brackets do not contain nickel, chromium, or other metals
  • Routine Protocol with no special instruments or adhesives required

What’s in the Plus?

Ortho Organizers™ Proprietary Crunch Coat Base

Bond Strength Comparable to Mesh Pad

Fine alumina particles bonded to the bracket
base provide large area for adhesive to bond

Consistent Debonding

Because debonding occurs near the Crunch Coat
adhesive interface, there is minimal distress to
the enamel surface

Compatible with Maestro Low-Profile Bracket System

For aesthetic anterior and metal posterior bracketing

Neolucent Plus Fig1

Aesthetic Archwire Options

To ensure excellence in every one of your cases, we offer an extensive line of aesthetic auxiliaries compatible with the
NeoLucent Plus Ceramic Bracket System.


Tooth Tone Plastic-Coated Archwires
Stain and crack resistant, this archwire features a tooth-colored coating that blends with natural dentition and reduces friction.

Ligatures for individual patient use, avoiding cross-contamination. We offer an array of color options that blend with the bracket and dentition. Available in clear, white, tooth tone, glow natural, and pearl.


White Micro-Coated Bio-Kinetix® Nitanium® Archwires
The labial side of the wire is coated in bright white to enhance aesthetics, without affecting wire dimensions.

Chain Elastic
Made from super-elastic long lasting material, these ligatures deliver gentle, continuous force for more predictable tooth movement. Multiple colours to choose from: clear, white, tooth tone, glow natural, and pearl.


Pearl Tone Preformed Ligature Wires
Available in a white/pearl hue, this ligature wire features a super smooth, nonstick coating.