Reverse Curve Of Spee (R.C.S.) Archwires

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We offer three Reverse Curve of Spee (R.C.S.) archwire shapes to meet your curve of spee correction needs. All three shapes are carefully finished to ensure the archwire slides easily through the bracket slot while applying continuous force for ideal movement. R.C.S. Archwires may be used for bite correction, or with springs and elastomerics for retraction.

R.C.S. Archwires are best suited for:

  • Preventing molar tipping and rotations
  • Maintaining anterior torque
  • Initial leveling and aligning
  • Arch consolidation and expansion
  • Deep and open bite correction
  • Retraction of flared, protruding incisors

The R.C.S. Archwires are available in both Nitanium and heat-activated Bio-Kinetix Nitanium:

Nitanium Super Elastic R.C.S. Archwires

Nitanium R.C.S. Archwires provide light-to-moderate, constant forces. These archwires are flexible, and exhibit excellent resiliency. We offer the Nitanium R.C.S. Archwires in the following forms:

Standard Nitanium RCS Standard Nitanium R.C.S. Archwires: Most popular “rocking chair” curve with a moderate radius, which provides the maximum retraction efficiency with fewer archwire changes.

Straight Leg RCS Straight Leg R.C.S. Archwires: The anterior portion of the wire has a rocking horse curve and the legs of the wire are flat and level. Straight legs do not toe-in the molar, they help to tilt back molars for anchorage purposes. The wire easily puts curve of spee on the upper arch, and can be used to torque the molars buccally. Intrusion or extrusion of anterior teeth can also be accomplished. When flipped, it can be used to expand the lower arch. This is truly a multi-functional arch!

Dimple Nitanium RCS Dimple Nitanium R.C.S. Archwires: Has a shallower radius than our standard R.C.S. Archwire, providing gentle movement and exerting lighter forces when correcting the curve. This wire is also easier to place and has a dimple mid-line to help prevent the wire from sliding.

Heat-activated Bio-Kinetix Nitanium R.C.S.

Thermal Bio-Kinetix Nitanium RCS Thermal Bio-Kinetix Nitanium R.C.S. Archwires are heat-activated archwires with shape-memory. These archwires are soft at room temperature for easy ligation and then become fully active in the mouth. The gentle forces remain consistent throughout placement so that placement of the archiwre is noticeably more comfortable for the patient. In addition, the superb flexibility reduces the chances for the debonding of the brackets.

Thermal Bio-Kinetix Nitanium Archwires are available in the standard Nitanium R.C.S. shape that has a moderate radius, and a deeper rocking-chair radius.