CNA Beta III Nickel-Free Archwires

These nickel-free beta titanium alloy archwires were developed with the assistance of Dr. Ravindra Nanda. An excellent alternative over TMA archwires, the CNA Beta III Nickel-Free Archwire displays superb formability for placement of loops and bends reducing important chairside time. In addition, the flexibility makes it the perfect archwire for use during the mid-to-late stages of treatment.

CNA Archwire

Due to its ease of bending, the CNA Beta III Nickel-Free Archwire, is ideal for use when the following is required:

  • Custom tipping
  • Aligning
  • Space closure
  • Rotation
  • Tooth movement
In addition, doctors are moving to the CNA Beta III Nickel-Free Archwire over the TMA because:

  • CNA Archwire does not break as easily as TMA
  • The CNA Archwire has a smooth, high-polish finish which provides less friction
  • It is easier to form loops and bends with the CNA Archwire
  • Once intended shape is formed, the archwire maintains its integrity

Choose the CNA Beta III Nickel-Free Archwire and you’ll be able to move patients into a rectangular archwire more quickly to correct torque. Not to mention, you’ll be able to work on root correction, and even over correction is possible by inserting bends.

We offer the CNA Archwire in preformed, arched, or straight. The preformed option is also available under the Connecticut Intrusion Arch Form.