NeoCrystal Sapphire Ceramic Bracket System

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The crystal clear advantage

Manufactured from pure monocrystalline material, the NeoCrystal Sapphire Ceramic Bracket is the clear aesthetic choice for your practice. NeoCrystal Brackets are developed from a single crystal sapphire, one of the hardest and clearest materials found in nature. Once machined out of the crystal, the brackets are then annealed for strength and heat polished to perfect any microscopic flaws. The result is an unmatched aesthetic bracket that allows the natural tooth tone to show through, regardless of shade, for a virtually invisible appearance. Featuring our proprietary Crunch COAT Base and anatomically contoured base radii, the NeoCrystal Bracket provides the exceptional performance you demand.

Unmatched Aesthetics


  • Pure monocrystalline material for a transparent, natural appearance
  • Stain resistant throughout treatment Designed for Patient Comfort
  • Heat polished for a remarkably smooth surface
  • Low profile
  • Rounded corners
  • Single hook offers a less bulky feel than universal hooks

Enhanced Performance


  • Heat treated for increased strength
  • Reduced friction offers sliding mechanics comparable to metal brackets
  • Non-allergenic for sensitive patients
  • Anatomically contoured base for quick and easy bracket placement
  • Removable colour-code ID mark to ensure accurate placement

Maestro Brackets, NeoCrystal® Sapphire Ceramic Bracket System
and NeoLucent® Plus Bracket System are designed for interchangeability

For aesthetic anterior and metal posterior bracketing


NeoCrystal Bracket Maestro Bracket NeoLucent Plus Bracket

Bracket identification chart

Bracket Id Chart