Variable Force 3 Thermal Nitanium Archwires

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The Variable Force 3 Archwire is a heat activated, multi-force, nickel titanium archwire with three distinct force regions. The Variable Force 3 Archwire places the correct force to the appropriate region (anterior, bicuspid, and posterior) of the arch to quickly torque, level, and align, without sacrificing patient comfort. It could take multiple archwire changes with any other archwire to achieve the same level and alignment results.

In addition, the archwire is easy to place because the thermal mechanics allow the wire to stay soft when not in the mouth, and once placed the warmth of the mouth allows the archwire to take on its memory shape. This thermal, Nitanium Archwire has a multi-step manufacturing process which consistently creates three different zones of forces along the archwire. The Variable Force 3 Archwire provides forces that range from 50 grams in the anterior, and up to 300 grams in the posterior region, depending on the archwire size.

One archwire provides the benefits of three archwires:

  • Distinct forces to the anterior, bicuspid, and posterior regions
  • Ideal biological forces for efficient tooth movement
  • Reduced number, and frequency, of archwire changes
  • Allows for longer treatment intervals
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Superior shape integrity
  • Available in round or rectangular dimensions

Variable Force 3 Fig A