Stainless Steel Archwires

Stainless steel archwires are specifically designed for use with the Straight Archwire Technique. Stainless steel archwires may be used throughout the entire treatment, but are best suited for mid-to-late stages of treatment. A special alloy in the archwire provides maximum spring while minimizing fracturing.

Stainless Steel Archwires are:

Stainless Steel Archwires
  • Pre-heat treated
  • Excellent for use with all orthodontic/orthopedic techniques
  • Available in two finishes: bright or gold
  • Available straight or in four different arch forms to accommodate all your preference
  • Straight 14″ length diamond drawn to exact tolerances for optimal
    resilience for every orthodontic application
  • Excellent working characteristics, accepts severe bends with minimal fracturing, and is easily soldered

Etched Mid lines for arches:

  • Upper – 3 black marks
  • Lower – 1 black mark

Australian Super Plus Archwires

Australian Super Plus Archwires
Features high strength and spring back with improved bending quality.
This wire is ideal for high-force applications.

Ortholoy-Blue Straight Archwires

Ortholoy-Blue Straight Archwires
Ortholoy-Blue heat treatable archwires are available in blue temper (the softest, most popular temper). This archwire may be used “as is,” welded with low heat, or soldered. Besides uses for welding and soldering, utilize this archwire when considerable bending is required because it will not fracture. Excellent for use with edgewise arches, lingual arches, retainers, and removable appliances.