Maestro – Low-Profile Bracket System

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Discover the precision, comfort, and control of the MIM-Manufactured Maestro Bracket

The Maestro Low-Profile Bracket System harmonizes the enduring precepts of classic orthodontic design with state-of-the-art engineering and production practices. The result is a complete orthodontic appliance system with corresponding buccal tubes—contemporary in form and function—that achieves the optimum in metal aesthetics and comfort that patients seek without sacrificing the precision and control that practitioners need. A finely tuned appliance design for predictable, efficient treatment, and discerning finishes.
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is advanced technology for manufacturing complex metal products. Fine metal powders and wax binders are injected into intricate molds. After the wax binders are removed, the brackets are sintered to form a high-density orthodontic appliance with extremely close tolerances that accurately replicates the intricacies of the original mold. MIM translates into rounded contours, and complex structures that machined brackets cannot duplicate providing corrosion resistance, strength, and proven performance. Maestro Pic1

The Maestro Bracket offers multiple visual cues to enhance precise bracket placement

The geometries of the Maestro Bracket are specifically designed to provide signposts which assist you in positioning brackets in their ideal location.


Specific Bracket Geometries, such as in this lower lateral bracket, further guide the eye for placement accuracy Maestro Pic2 Maestro Pic3


In-depth research on tooth morphology supports superior engineering for a finely tuned design and finishes

Anatomically contoured base and pad nestle each tooth for positioning that feels right 80-gauge micro-etched bondable mesh pad offers proven bond adhesion Small profile is balanced with deep tie-wing undercuts that secure ligation Torque-in-base provides level slot lineup, and helps avoid occlusal interferences Optional gingivally offset brackets, on large bonding bases of bicuspids, minimize bond failures Optimized mesial-distal width offers superb rotational control


The Maestro Bracket is available in both the Roth prescription, and the McLaughlin, Bennett, and Trevisi prescriptions, 
in .018″ and .022″ lumen sizes. Ball hooks are optional on laterals, cuspids and bicuspid brackets; and each bracket is color-coded with an ID mark for easy identification.

Maestro: A complete 7×7 system

Maestro Buccal Tubes complete the appliance system. The 80-gauge mesh pad, compound contoured base, and defined buccal indent, provides you with the precise control needed throughout all phases of treatment. The large funneled entrance, side-grip areas, and color-coding make for easier identification, placement, positioning, plus wire insertion. The patient will have one of the most comfortable experiences with its smooth shape, low profile, rounded edges, and lowered hook. The Maestro Buccal Tube orchestrates all components of the system seamlessly, providing reduced chair time and increased satisfaction for both practitioner and patient.

Maestro Fig1