Ariaâ„¢ Low-Profile Brackets
A Comfortable Bracket Producing Optimum Results

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Optimising Precision, Comfort, and Control of the MIM-Manufactured Aria Bracket

Aria Low-Profile Brackets harmonise the enduring precepts of classic orthodontic design with state-of-the-art engineering. The result is a complete orthodontic appliance system that achieves the optimum clinical outcome in metal aesthetics, as well as the comfort that patients seek. The patented Horizontal Scribe Line (HSL) provides ideal visual cues for precise placement.
The advanced Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology maintains the precision and control of the design, allowing for the outcomes that uncompromising practitioners require. A finely-tuned appliance design for predictable, efficient treatment, and discerning finishes.

Aria Main

Anti-rotation for the Roth rx is built into the archwire slot

By placing the anti-rotation into the slot, the mesial and distal sides of
the bracket are presented perpendicular to the tooth. This eliminates
the parallax that is created as a result of placing the anti-rotation in the
base of the brackets. Aria anti-rotation

The Aria bracket offers patented visual cues to enhance precise bracket placement

Patented Horizontal Scribe Line (HSL) across both the pad surface and the saddle improves alignment, as well as improves the accuracy of bracket height placement. Aria Visual Clues

Key points of the patented “Horizontal Scribe Line” (HSL) by Dr. Shirasuka

The HSL “Horizontal Scribe Line” of the Aria Bracket helps to improve the vertical positioning (occluso-gingival) of the bracket during bonding. In order to ideally position the bracket on the transverse plane (along the long axis of the tooth), we have designed this feature within the bracket base (a perpendicular line from the center of the slot base) to complement bracket height gauges to accurately site on the FA point of the tooth. This reduces improper extrusion or intrusion of teeth, angulation, as well as torque and in-out errors.

The HSL aids in the following:
  • Level slot-line up
  • Torque direction
  • Height positioning with different bracket placement techniques
  • Positioning of the pre-molars to help align the marginal ridges
  • Removes bracket parallax in higher torque brackets
    Aids in flattening the curve of spee
  • Reduces angulation positioning errors

Aria inside view