Multi-Strand Archwires

Nitanium Multi-Strand Archwires

The Super Elastic NiTi Braid 8 Archwire is an eight-strand super elastic nitinol wire with great flexibility and low stiffness. The Super Elastic NiTi Braid 8 Archwire may be used in the initial stages of treatment to gently level and align while providing torque control with full slot engagement. This wire is also effective in the later stages of treatment by holding the desired torque, but providing additional vertical correction to finish your case.

Stainless Steel Multi-Strand Archwires

We offer three versions of stainless steel multi-strand, preformed archwires: twist archwire — three strands, coaxial archwire — six strands, and braided archwire — eight strands.

Stainless Steel Twist Archwires – Three Strands

This archwire is three fine, round twisted strands that form a single wire.
This wire provides:

Stainless Steel Twist Archwires - Three Strands
  • Gentle leveling during early-treatment stages
  • Greater deflection before elastic limit is reached
  • No fraying when cut
  • Bright surface finish
  • Moderate force, but drops quickly as teeth move
  • Moderate resiliency; measurably better than solid stainless steel wire

Stainless Steel Coaxial Archwires – Six Strands

Stainless Steel Coaxial Archwires - Six Strands
This archwire consists of five equal-size wires wrapped around a single, same-size core wire.This wire provides:

  • Good resilience, allowing bends to a greater degree than ordinary twist archwire
  • A great archwire for the initial treatment stage — good for initial alignment
  • Bright finish
  • Low to moderate forces
  • Short activation time, forces drop quickly as teeth move

Stainless Steel Braided Archwires – Eight Strands

Stainless Steel Braided Archwires - Eight Strands
This archwire consists of eight fine, equal-sized Type 302SS wires braided tightly and rolled to the most popular square and rectangle wire sizes. This wire provides the following:

  • Super resiliency allowing for early application in treatment
  • Fills edgewise slot while offering torque control
  • Excellent archwire to use when transitioning from round to rectangular shape
  • Easy to ligate
  • Low forces
  • Does not fray when cut
  • Great for aligning and for finishing
  • Rectangle wires can be used for added torque control

The Twist and Coaxial Archwires are available in straight length, which can be used for retainers and lingual arches. The precision formed wires can be cut without unraveling. Retainer wires are medium/hard temper to facilitate forming retainers and lingual arches.