Aesthetic Archwires

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Aesthetic archwires for an invisible appearance of orthodontic appliances, ideal for use with aesthetic brackets.

  • Super Elastic Nitanium® Tooth Tone archwires have a plastic, friction-reducing, tooth-coloured coating that blends with natural dentition and ceramic, plastic and composite brackets.
  • Stain and crack resistant, maintains its original colour over time.
  • Displays the same characteristics as non-aesthetic Super Elastic Archwires, including moderate, consistent force for efficient tooth movement, resiliency with high flexibility, and responsiveness to chilling (45-60áµ’F/7.2-15.6áµ’C).
  • Micro-Coated Bio-Kinetix® Thermal archwires have a bright, white coating on the labial side of the wire, while the entire width of the wire is in metal, to enhance aesthetics.
  • Excellent shape integrity and memory for a heat activated archwire, with easy ligation at room temperature.
  • Ideal in significantly crowded cases.
  • Slightly lower forces than the Bio-Kinetix® Plusâ„¢ Thermally Activated Nitanium® Archwires.