Nitanium Palatal Expander² Multi-Purpose Finishing Appliance

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The easy to use Nitanium Palatal Expander² takes expansion a step beyond. This extraordinary expansion appliance has the capacity to rotate, upright, distalize, and expand the anterior and posterior arches with gentle biocompatible force. The Nitanium Palatal Expander² Appliance’s action is the result of transition temperature and shape memory. Warmth within the patient’s mouth activates movement in the thermal nickel titanium energy wire toward the appliance’s pre-programmed shape. This produces the desired expansion in unison with tooth movement. Once the exact correction is achieved, the appliance stops expanding and lies passive.

The Nitanium Palatal Expander² Appliance offers many benefits, including the following:

  • Slower expansion has shown to lower incidents of relapse*
  • Thermally-activated Nitanium for total control eliminating patient’s compliance
  • Ease of placement and removal by the doctor
  • Ortholoy arms and loops provide adjustability for fine-tuning and finishing
  • No laboratory work is required, available in 10 sizes

Nitanium Palatal Expander2

Case Study  Patient #96807 Seven Month Progress

Case Study 3-15-963-15-96 Case Study 4-12-964-12-96 Case Study 6-17-966-17-96 8-19-96 Case Study 10-30-9610-30-96

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