Cu Nitanium Archwires

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Cu Nitanium 27° archwires
Cu Nitanium 35° archwires

Copper. A Natural Transition.

Cu Nitanium Archwires are truly comparable to Ormco®’s Copper Ni-Ti™ Archwires* and refined using the most advanced technology for greater treatment predictability and control. The unique thermal properties of copper enhance the Nitanium Archwires for a precise control of forces, while maintaining excellent flexibility. Made of the highest quality materials, Cu Nitanium Archwires provide fast, natural, and reliable results for optimal patient outcomes.

The addition of copper:
  • Enhances the thermal properties of Nitanium providing superior flexibility for easier placement, in even the most severe cases, while maintaining precise control of forces
  • Offers higher resistance to deformation, resulting in fewer wire changes
  • Provides smooth and continuous loading and unloading forces for extended working time
  • Facilitates a controlled force-deflection curve for an optimal biological response and faster treatment
  • Delivers consistent forces through reliable transformation temperatures for a predictable and gentle treatment
DLX CU Nitanium Box

Available in two archwire series options to fit your treatment needs:

  • Cu Nitanium 27°C Archwires – This wire series provides optimal nickel titanium force levels with the additional flexibility required for easy placement in crowded cases and comfortable tooth movement.
  • Cu Nitanium 35°C Archwires – This wire series is activated at body temperature to facilitate easy engagement, consistent forces, and efficient tooth movement using transitional temperature changes back and forth between the “soft” martensite state and “firm” austenite state.