Multi-Distalizing Arch (MDA) Appliance

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A Fixed Appliance for Non-Extraction Cases

The Multi-Distalizing Arch (MDA) Appliance is a true multi-treatment device which reduces treatment time and cost, while improving patient comfort and cooperation.
Class II malocclusions may be corrected by combinations of restriction or redirection of maxillary or mandibular growth, distal movement of the maxillary dentition and mesial movement of the mandibular dentition. To establish a Class I molar relationship, and create space in the lateral segments for the canines or premolars in non-extraction treatment modalities, you must first distalize the maxillary first molars. Many treatment techniques require the use of extra-oral forces, such as headgear, requiring strict patient compliance.
The MDA Appliance allows non-extraction treatment in severely crowded cases by allowing distal movement for creating space. First and second molars can successfully be distalized up to 8-10 millimeter without tipping. The appliance is not phase dependent and therefore can be used in mixed dentition.

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The MDA Appliance may be used for:
  • Rapid bilateral or unilateral molar distalization in mandible or maxilla
  • Rapid anterior retraction in maxilla
  • Rapid anterior intrusion in maxilla

MDA Appliance